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Tri State Medical offers X-Ray Film and x-ray chemistry to all types of facilities including medical, chiropractic, podiatry and veterinary. We offer film & Chemistry from major manufactures such as Fuji and White Mountain.


We offer both private label and branded x-ray film, below you will find some of the products that we offer.



 Fuji X-Ray Film


- Green (Fuji HR-U) X-ray Film

- Green (Fuji HR-T) X-ray Film

- Mammography (Fuji UM-MA) X-ray Film


- Fuji Laser Dry Imaging Film (Fuji DI-HL)

- Fuji Thermal Dry Imaging Film (Fuji DI-HT)



 White Mountain Chemistry


RP Developers:

Designed to deliver the highest image quality with all brands and types of medical imaging films. The unique 2-part design eliminates both Acetic Acid and uncomplexed aldehydes, which are found in 3-part developer formulations. The convenient Unibottle packaging eliminates handling multiple concentrate bottles, thus eliminating mixing errors. All T2 RP developers deliver Maximum stability, cleanliness and resistance to oxidation.


Developer Starter:

Utilized when preparing a new batch of developer solution for introduction into an empty processor developer tank.


Manual Processing developer:

WMI Manual Developer, a 1-part premium liquid concentrate solution is a clean working, cost effective, high capacity solution suitable for use with all brands and types of medical, dental, industrial holographic and cinefluorographic films. It provides consistent image quality and is formulated to provide extended shelf life.


RP Fixer:

T2 Fixer is a premium quality rapid fixer which provides superior clearing and drying with all x-ray films.


Ready to use Fixer:

Premixed MED DENT Fixer, designed for the low volume user, delivers high performance with all brands of medical and dental x-ray films. A top performer in self contained and closed loop systems. The fixer is color coded to help eliminate possible cross contamination.